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Entrepreneurs mental health.

Access curated selection of therapists who understand business. Master own psychology for the best business results: you will need it on the journey. 

Tailored for founders who just raised Pre-seed - Series B, and those transitioning after exit.

Ready to get started?

To chat with us on Whatsapp with feedback, insights and suggestions - leave details below:

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"A company can only succeed if the founders are fit & healthy, including their mental wellbeing. The OMA programme can support your mental health, an additional weapon in a founder's armoury as they take on the world."

-Raised  £600k/Founder


How does it work?

We have made it simple for your to connect with therapist who have experience working with founders and understands the unique challenges you face. No more searching months or years for the right therapist. 

1. Select A Therapist

Select a therapist from our highly curated list. Therapist on OMA have experience working in VC, with founders pre-IPO, as well as companies like Ebay and Skype. 

2. Flexible Scheduling

You will use Calendly to schedule video sessions with your therapist which seamlessly connects with their calender. Book your session at times that suit you. We are always here, but never in the way.

3. Pay Per

Only pay for the sessions you book. You have complete freedom of how and when you use OMA.

Working with

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