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Empowering founders

Unique and anonymous, private counselling program tailored for entrepreneurs who just raised Pre-seed - Series B, and those transitioning after exit.  

Delivered by therapists who work with top entrepreneurs in the world and deeply understand startup dynamics.

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Move Faster

Traditional therapy wasn’t made for founders. You need tailored approach, flexibility and the therapist who understands your world.

Gain Clarity

Get perspective to train a clear, focused mindset. Gather insights to own behaviour in confidential, non judgmental conversations.

Overcome Self-Doubt

Transform self-doubt into confidence. Make assured decisions and lead with a newfound sense of confidence.

how it works

How it works


The platform is made to find 'your' therapist and build a longterm connection, create trusted space you can always get back to.  

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You will use Calendly to schedule video sessions with your therapist.  

We understand things crop up, and we try to accommodate any changes in your schedule.

Founders Circle
Group support

  Coming soon. 

As a member you will get access to Support Circle with founders who use therapy to share support and community whenever you need it.

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Interested? Leave your email and we will be in touch with the next steps.

📧 Your email has been received. Please check your inbox for the next steps 

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