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Navigating Winter Blues: 4 Best ways to stay positive

1. Surround yourself with colours: Surround yourself with the bright hues of summer.

Whether it's an orange scarf, sky blue mug or sunny décor, bring those vivid colors into your


2. Talk to people: When it’s cold and dark it’s very easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Sometimes you just need to tell someone, even strange: ‘Hey, it’s so depressing, I need some

sun’. And heared ‘So do I’ as an answer.

3. Light up your space: With days are short, add some extra lighting to your living space.

Brightening your surroundings can positively impact your mood.

4. Plan cozy nights: Instead of focusing on the chilly weather, relish the opportunity to enjoy

cozy evenings indoors. Treat yourself to a good book, a movie marathon, or a cup of tea.

Remember about warm blanket!

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