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It’s about time - The best moment to take care of yourself

It’s time to wake up! You have only half an hour to take a quick shower, grab a cup of coffee

and an apple for breakfast and send the very important email. Traffic jams start in a moment

so better hurry up! It’s a busy day at work and hey, you have to prepare dinner, do shopping,

attend japan classes… Oh, and work from home for a few hours- it’s the end of the year,

report not gonna write itself!

And again, and again, day by day, week by week. We are a busy society. Very busy. It’s

normal, everyone has numbers things to do, our days are full of very necessary, irreplaceable

duties. At last - if not you then no one else.

That’s the point! If not you then… someone else. Or you, but later.

Slow down. You don’t have to do everything perfect, you don’t have to do everything quick.

We’re all just people, not the machines. And it’s impossible to be 100% infallible for our

whole life.

So what to do?

1. Try to prioritize your goals

Of course, there are situations when you have to give your all. Life is life, sometimes you just

do the things… But in many cases you can just let it go. And probably, there are much more

of these moments than you think. Hey, the world will still turn if you have pizza as a dinner,

not a super healthy fresh salad. Everything will be still fine if your windows stay dirty during

the holiday. And probably nobody will die if you send them an email a day later (of course, in

most cases).

2. Analize all of your duties

Which are the hardest for you? And which of them are really crucial? It’s hard to do the things because you have to, not because you want. Sounds like adulthood? Think about it deeply.

Let’s replace home office with a nice cafe. Or maybe a box diet than preparing meals

everyday? Small changes can change your approach to your disliked activities.

3. Give yourself some time and put it on the „I have to do it” list.

Treat this hour or two as an another ‘duty’ and don’t let anything to steal it from you. Just like

you have to prepare something to your work and do some housework, you have right to have

some free time. Spend it however you want. Do some sports, start to attend Zumba classes,

learn how to knit. Feel tired? Just stay at home and watch some Netflix series.

4. People are more important than things

Don’t forget about it. It’s very easy to go crazy with a constant work and rush. Remember -

work is for you, not you for work. Meet an old friend – both of you have very tight schedules?

It’s the best moment to call them! Spend some time with your closest. Plan the romantic

evening with your loved one, jump into puddles with your kids, bake a cake and visit your

parents or just say hello to the neighbour.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Take it easy. Mistakes and failures are the part of our live. They are normal. What’s more, it

feels strange not to commit them at all. Ask yourself, “What I did wrong? Why? What to do

next time to improve that thing?” And the most important question is, What can be done to

feel better?Take your time. Mistakes are a good lesson. So, keep calm and…. Finish this sentence by yourself. Think what you can do to improve your daily routine. You are also important. If you don't take care of yourself, there will come a time of complete breakdown, so it will be even worse. You are not racing, enjoy the life. And do your best – for yourself and those you care about, of course.


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