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Do nothing?’ ‘Yes, please!’

‘Laziness is wrong! You should learn hard, work hard and do your best. Always!’ Sounds familiar? Unfortunately yes.

Surprise – it’s not the truth! At least - not always.

Every human has better and worse moments. It’s something normal to feel tired, anxious or discouraged. Take a deep breath and slow down. Think about the best things you can do for yourself. Evening with a silly book and a cup of hot chocolate, nice comedy in the cinema or just scrolling your phone and liking cute puppies photos? Whatever it is - it’s not a laziness! Don’t let anyone convince yourself that you should ‘start doing something productive’. Sometimes it’s the best thing you can do – to take a rest, reset the hard thoughts and calm down. Then you will be ready to continue your tasks and duties. With more power and energy.

Remember – it’s nothing wrong in doing nothing from time to time. Just nothing!


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