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Becoming a superhero – a few words about a self-confidecnce

People of media, your boss, maybe even your co-worker or a best friend – all of them seems

to be full of certainty, ideas and enthusiasm to implement them into the life. Meanwhile you…

just can’t be so self-esteem. Or - you feel like you can’t. Don’t worry! Self-confidence is like

everything else – you can practise it. How to experience a big change and become noticeable and aware of your value? It’s easier than you thought! So take a cup of your favourite tea, sit down in a cosy armchair and let’s start together a satisfying path to a self-confidence.

1. Be aware of your value

That’s the most important thing, absolutely number one. You are precious and no one is

allowed to denny it. Think about three things you can do well. They don’t have to be big.

Maybe you can prepare the best tacos in the world or draw the cuttiest comics about little

penguins? No? How about your patience of a saint, cool handmade earrings or caring

approach to others? Still nothing? So here goes the next step:

2. You don’t have to do anything special

Exactly! Life isn’t a super hero movie scenario or a fantasy book plot where each character

has their own unique abilities. In fact, there are not many people who are known all over the

world as a singer, dancer or an actor. It’s not our skills which make us special, it’s ourselves in general! I’ll tell you a secret – even those beloved idols or your go-getters collegues have their flaws. You are unique, wonderful human being. No matter what you can or can’t do.

3. Try to practise

Jitters, nerves or fear are normal, especially at the beginning. Let’s try to tame that wild

animal. Before an important speech, interview or meeting, think about this situation deeply.

What it is, what do you want to say, what are the possible answers of your speaker? And what could go wrong? If you have problems with talking, ask someone to act out the scene with you. Let’s practise speeches in front of your best friend or someone trusted. You will get used to it. The more you practise, the better you do.

4. Life is a surprise, things can change

Yeah, it’s not always nice. Be prepared to the different scenarios but remember that life can

surprise you. The interview could take an unexpected turn, your bright idea could appear not

so attractive to others or someone could just say ‘no’. These situations are hard, especially

when they cost you a lot of courage, but they happen to everyone. Don’t let them ruin

everything you’ve achieved.

5. Mistakes are not failures

What’s more – everyone makes them. Even the most self-confident person you know

sometimes says something silly, forgets about an important meeting or fails in the crucial

moment. It’s normal to be frustrated but don’t allow this feeling to control you. There are

plenty of new, interesting activities and projects.

So, are you ready to become the self-confidence hero? Perfect! Still no? No worries! We are

all different. There are wonderful leaders and irreplaceable workers. Some of us are great

bosses, others feel that it’s not their piece of cake. And it’s fine! The cake is yours and only

yours. Make it delicious not for someone else but for you.


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