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Empower Your Team with Instant Access To Mental Health Support Anytime, Anywhere

OMA connects your employees with experienced therapists online, offering flexible sessions at their convenience. Elevate your organisation's approach to mental health, enhancing productivity and fostering a happier, healthier workplace

70% of people
are not able to meet their mental health needs financially.

Employers have a chance to step in and level the playing field for their teams, giving access to Mental Health support without barriers.

Diverse network of licensed, verified therapists and psychologists
Fluent in over 6 languages

30 unique specialisations

Each therapist has undergone a meticulous verification process, ensuring only the highest caliber of professional support is available for your team.  

Effortless Onboarding and Pay-Per-Use System

Simple onboarding process eliminates complex setups, allowing your team to focus on what matters. Plus, with our pay-for-what-you-use model, you enjoy complete control over costs, ensuring maximum value and flexibility for your organisation

Discover the OMA Difference in Mental Health Support

Ready to elevate your team's mental health support to unparalleled levels? Connect with us to see how OMA brings immediate, personalised, and discreet mental health care to your workforce.

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