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Utilise Cancelled Sessions, Minimise Clinic Waiting Lists

Fed up with endless emails or juggling a rota to check therapist availability? Long waiting lists a concern? We turn these challenges into a thing of the past.


Up to date therapist availablity

Wondering if your therapists are available? OMA syncs directly with their calendars for up-to-the-minute availability. Say goodbye to endless email chains and the hassle of manual scheduling. It’s all automatic, efficient, and brilliantly simple!

Real-time chat for seamless communication with your clients.

Got a cancelled session or unexpected free time? Just like Uber, OMA helps you go 'online' in moments to see your clients when they need you. Utilise these opportunities to see more clients, ensuring no time goes to waste. Be there for your clients, right when they need you the most

We take care of the onboarding of therapists

Joining OMA? We make it hassle-free. Our team takes care of onboarding your therapists, setting up everything for a smooth start. You focus on your clients, we handle the details

Ready to get started?

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