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Tuesday Benfield


4 years practice

My Price

30 Minute Session : £30

50 Minute Session : £50

Registered with BACP | Based in UK| I speak English, Spanish


I specialise in |

My background

I have 6 years experience in the NHS working in Cognitive behavioural therapy and I trained as an integrative counsellor, meaning I can integrate many theories that suit my clients.

My job as a counsellor is to help my clients explore what may be bothering them.

My client work is confidential and safe and I understand many problems and am always open to explore many problems.

I have an open mind and know that everybody is unique. I am down to earth with a non-judgmental approach.

I understand that sometimes we all feel confused, misunderstood, or struggle to understand what we are going through. We might find that our mental health, behaviours, and feelings impact us in ways we are not able to resolve.

I know that life can be challenging. I understand that some people come to counselling as they may be struggling, going through difficult life events or at times curious about therapy.

I am able to work with a wide range of clients and situations. I am adaptable, creative and professional. I have my clients’ best interests at heart.

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