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OMA offers tailored counselling program for founders at different stages of their start-up journey.

It's delivered by therapists who work with  the worlds top entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

Sign up

Use your Tech Nation access code to sign up. You get 2 free session on OMA. 

Please note, it's first come first serve so make sure you create your account as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity

Select a therapist

Select from our  from highly  curated group of therapist. You can also speak with your therapist conceirge if you need support choosing a  therapist. You can change therapist at any point.

Book your 1st


Your first session will involve around your entrepreneurial

 journey and learning more about you.

Decide how you want to move forward

At the end, you can choose to 1. purchase our core package and carry on with the therapist who you have already established a relationship with


2.  Purchase the package and use it anytime within 12 months. 

Price of the core package is due to change soon, purchasing now gurantees you get the best price.

For any questions, drop us a message at

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