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Sharan Thiara


8 years practice

Registered with BABCP Based in UK | I speak English


I specialise in |

Therapist Bio

I feel to be able to help others one needs to have experienced life and challenges, I have had my fair share of these and more. Now I want to help others grow and develop. My approach is to work with what ever feels right for you. There is no pressure for you to tell me anything you are not ready or comfortable in mentioning. I will help you to understand yourself and make positive changes at your own pace. Together we can work towards your goals and get to a healthy way of being. I have had an abundance of earth, wind and fire thrown at me, I now have over 1000 client hours to help me support individuals as well as couples. without prejudice and judgement. I have no preconceptions on how life should be, but just what makes us healthy and in a positive mindset

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