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Limited time

5 sessions for just £199!

By popular demand, we made it possible to subscribe to Oma and it's here to try!
Ever considered a package of sessions in the app? Now is the perfect time to start. 

Your OMA package offers  5 x 50 min  sessions with any expert on the App, accessible via text or video.


Don't miss this opportunity - Purchase by 31st of Dec and use by 31st of Jan.
It's a 30 days commitment. Don't worry: we will not auto-renew it, unless you ask us to.

What you get

Exceptional support

Unlock 5 x 50-minute sessions of tailored support with your OMA package.

Mix & match texting and video sessions. Customise your sessions to perfectly suit your comfort and needs.

Access a network of therapists at OMA. Boasting over 30+ unique specialisations, we're confident that you'll discover the perfect support tailored just for you.

How does it work?

1. Buy the package and Receive Your Unique Code:
Once you've checked out, you'll be sent a unique code. 

2. Start your session

Your code grants you access to 5 x 50 minute sessions. Whether it's with a familiar therapist or someone new, our platform offers the flexibility to meet your preferences.

The package is valid until 1st of Jan 2024.

It's a 30 days commitment. Don't worry: we will not auto-renew it, unless you ask us to.

 Get your 5 x 50 min sessions today

 Start today and experience the convenience of real-time, confidential support with just a click.

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