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Who you will work with

OMA therapist acceptance rate is 1:10.

We do rigorous verification of their experience, have multiple conversations and ensure t
hat each person can be a match for high performing Founder.

Some of the therapists provide co-founders therapy as part of the package. Read their bios for more details.

If you want to recommend a therapist to work with us, email

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Packages to purchase now

Book "your slot" with the selected therapist. 
Benefit from

  • Last minute cancellation cover

  • Concierge matching & research if you need specific expertise

  • Access to Founders Support Circle, exclusive to Founders who actively use therapy

Each package starts with Founder - focused Intro sessions which follow your entrepreneur journey and allow you map out expectations - being it a prevention & resilience approach, or working on specific issues you which are holding you back. 

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Founders Mental Health 1.png
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Not sure if therapy is for you?
Try the 
Intro Bundle.

Three sessions are enough to discover where it can take you and reflect between the conversations.  

Use the Concierge call with our Founder, who interviewed 100s of therapists and founders, and will help you choose.

If you have any questions, drop us a message 

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