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Katherine N. Garmonsway

Psychotherapist & Specialist Nurse

26 years practice

My Price

30 Minute Session : £40

50 Minute Session : £80

Registered with NMC | Based in UK | I speak English

I specialise in |

My background

A highly experienced, proactive and compassionate Mental Health Clinician, Trainer, CBT Therapist and EMDR Therapist. Commended for a style of treatment which patients describe as “human” which, combined with specialist skills has consistently delivered excellent outcomes with patients of all ages.Take that courageous step today.

I'm very fortunate to have Katherine working with me. Her warmth, care and commitment to me has been such a key element of my ongoing determination to keep with a process that is often not easy. If you're looking for help, but unsure or fearful about how that might look, take a step and try an initial conversation, she is such a wonderful human to have alongside you.

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