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Connect with a therapist who truly understands Founders.

Try OMA Tailored counselling program for entrepreneurs who just raised Pre-seed - Series B. It's delivered by therapists who work with the top entrepreneurs in the world.

How does it work?

Choose your plan

Join our 12-month program tailored for entrepreneurs, providing access to specialist therapists with the option to switch for an ideal match.

Cancel anytime within 30 days.

*Note, this is counselling and therapy, not business coaching.

OMA pricing may change, but if you purchase now, we guarantee consistency for your first renewal.

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Choose your therapist

Select the therapist you wish to work with, at any point you can switch therapists for a better fit. All therapists are rigorously selected,  they

understand the business and startup dynamics and are trained in our approach

Flexible scheduling

Schedule sessions via therapist Calendly page. You have the freedom to use your sessions anytime within a 12-month period. Our approach is designed to be dynamic — always there, never in the way.

Next step

We are currently in Beta and operating on a first come first serve. Join the wait list and we will be in touch with further updates.
*Waiting time to start is currently 2 weeks.

What describes you best

Expect an email from us within 3 days. You can also schedule a call to go through more details

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