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Erin Oberholtzer


3 years practice

My Price

30 Minute session : £30

50 Minute Session : £60

Registered with BACP | Based in UK | I speak English


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About me

I use a wide variety of approaches tailored to each client and their goals. I believe people are the experts of their own life and experience, but can become stuck in old patterns. These patterns may lead someone to unhelpful behaviours or relationships without fully realising how they have ended up there. Therapy can be a highly effective space to look at how these elements came to be and work towards changing them. I believe my role as a therapist is to act as collaborator, observer and interlocutor to explore these patterns and create new pathways forward. I do this by exploring the intersection of the past and present, emotions, thoughts and body to identify what may be contributing to the issues at hand. We then challenge these unhelpful patterns by co-creating new healthier ones.

A brief introduction to my work

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