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Dr Cynthia Laureano


16 years practice

Registered with HPSCA | Based in UK| English and Afrikaans


I specialise in |

My background

Working with adults, teens, individuals and couples.
Providing people with the space to express themselves without judgement so that they feel heard.
This is respectful and is an act of great kindness and altruism. By allowing someone to be during
moments of joy, pain, growth, difficulty, and celebration we in turn enable them to internalise self-
acceptance and compassion. Hereby, they are more equipped to be more accepting and
compassionate to others.
I aim to provide such a safe space to my clients and people I interact with in an attempt to make the
world a better place one conversation at a time. I specialize in serving those who identify as LGBTQ, youth and young adults, college students, and those coping with chronic or terminal illness including cancer, anxiety, depression, grief/loss and those searching for purpose in life.

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