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Mental health support for founders created by founders

Experience transformative mental health care, tailored to the unique challenges of entrepreneurship, anytime, anywhere. 

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All Therapists on OMA are Verified, accredited and uniquely skilled to work with founders


How does it work?

Need a therapist that understands you, that fits around your schedule and provides a safe space? We have you covered.

Therapists Who Speak Your Language

At OMA,  therapists are meticulously chosen and specially trained to understand entrepreneurs. With backgrounds in tech and business, they grasp your challenges and language inherently, ensuring efficient, relevant, and empathetic sessions tailored to your entrepreneurial journey.

Live chat

In the fast-paced entrepreneurial world, inspiration and challenges don't keep office hours – and neither does OMA. We offer instant access to live chat with available online therapists, ensuring you can connect with expert mental health support exactly when you need it, aligning perfectly with the always-on nature of your entrepreneurial life.

Video sessions

Book a video session with a therapist via Calendly. Allowing you to seamlessly integrate your sessions into your busy schedule. This feature ensures you get the comprehensive support you need, in a format that fits your lifestyle.

Ready to get started?


Pay as you go

Pay per session, no  contract or commitment. 


Pay for a bundle

12 sessions for £££ to be used across 1 year.


Request your VC to sponsor it

VC are a looking for more ways to support their portfolio companies. Request your VC to pay for sessions

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"OMA has been life changing. I have found a platform where I can get the support I need, when I need it. "
  • What is Oma?
    OMA is a platform that lets your clients know when you have additional availability outside of pre-scheduled sessions. Simply put yourself online when you're available and offline when you're not. Clients can speak directly with you through the app.
  • How can my client find me on OMA?
    When you create your account, you will receive a unique access code. Your clients simply need to download the OMA app, sign up, and enter your access code. Once they've done that, they'll see your profile and can chat with you whenever you go online.
  • How much is my client charged?
    Your client is only charged the amount you choose to set per session.
  • How am I paid?
    We use Stripe to process your payouts. Payments are sent to your account once a month. Clients pay directly through the app, so there's no need to invoice them. With Stripe, you can view all your payouts as well as any pending payments.
  • How long is each session?
    Clients can choose to speak with you for 15, 30, or 50 minutes. After each session, if you have additional availability, they can extend their session with your approval.
  • What happens after my 3-month free trial ends?
    After your 3-month free trial ends, you can continue using OMA for a subscription fee of £12 per month.
  • Who can access the conversation between me and my client?
    At OMA, privacy is our main concern. Only you and your client have access to your past conversations. This information is not shared with anyone else, except as required by law.
  • What happens to the data I provide while creating my account?
    We only collect the data needed to create your account and enable you to speak with your clients. Your data is not shared with third parties, except as required to deliver our service. Learn more about our privacy policy here
  • How can I contact you?
    You can reach out to us via email :
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