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Connect with a therapist who understands Founders.

Try OMA, a tailored counselling program for entrepreneurs at the pre-seed - series B stage. It's delivered by therapists who work with the top entrepreneurs in the world.

Confidential support

Conversations are between you and your therapist.

Even if you get access from your investors, they won't receive any information about your individual usage of the platform.

Handpicked therapists

Therapists have been vetted and chosen based on their expertise with founders & startups.

Tailored program

Our program has been carefully creafted to provide support to founders and entreprenuers.

All encompassing mental health support for founders and entreprenuers 

Safe space

The platform is made to find 'your' therapist and build a longterm relationship, to have a safe space you can always get back to.  

Sign up to see the therapists.


Use Calendly to schedule video sessions with your therapist. You can also use OMA Mind app for text messaging on-demand. 

OMA therapists understand things crop up, and we try to accommodate any changes in your schedule.

Group support

As a member you will get access to an anonymous Founder group chat in OMA App, providing support and community whenever you need it.

Progam offer

Start your journey

Currently you can choose between two programs.

Intense 8 Weeks Program
Resolve what's been holding you back, to achieve full potential.

Monthly Prevention Program

Check-in regularly with your therapist, reduce overwhelm, prevent burnout.

You can mix the programs and add sessions if at any point you need more time with your therapist.

Intense 8 Weeks Program

  • 2 introduction sessions
    to get to know them and define what you want to work on


  • 6 video calls with therapist
    with frequency 1 per week


  • 6 months access to in-app Anonymous Support group with other Founders 

The 8 weeks is there to work on something specific you might be aware of, or maybe always wanted to work on. Examples? Self confidence issues, self sabotage, fear of success.. We all have things which are holding us back.

Resolving them can be a huge accelerator to achieve full potential as a Founder.

Monthly Prevention Program

  • 2 introduction sessions
    to map out next 12 months and identify your focus areas


  • 12 video calls with therapist
    with frequency 1 per month


  • 12 months access to in-app Anonymous Support group with other Founders 

The 12 months program is made for prevention. You will establish the relation with your therapist and then check-in monthly.
This allows
to keep an eye on burnout, anxiety or just
borrow cognitive capacity from someone once a month and have a safe space to offload the tension of running the company. 

Want to meet the therapists before purchasing the package?

Try a single introduction session, and if you purchase the package, this will be deducted. 

Try it, it's worth it.

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