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Anna Jackson


5 years practice

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My Price

30 Minute Session: £45

50 Minute Session : £75

Registered with BACP Based in UK | I speak English

Self Confidence

I specialise in |

My background

I’m a licensed psychotherapist from London.
I work privately in central London as well as working for the UKs largest mental health hospital. I see clients individually and host workshops.
I am a big advocate of the mind/ body link. Promoting natural happy hormones by incorporating good gut health, optimising psychical health, bio hacking and healthy connections into my daily life and therapy.
I work with a huge range of issues however my specialty is with anxiety and OCD. We all have these internal systems that we run to; often created during childhood or trauma, which shape our individual map of the world. Many of us don’t realise that this is the case and we often come to believe that everyone views the world as we do. Anxiety and OCD in particular can cause certain internal beliefs to become very rigid and inflexible which only serves to disturb us more. I work with clients to identify what these systems are, to resolve past trauma and to put them back in control of their life.

My background

Anna helped me hugely with my OCD in a particularly bad patch. She worked with me on the biggest issues down to the smallest and helped me each week tackle some. She would frequently have new techniques for me to try and was open to all feedback when some worked better than others! Even in weeks I felt like I didn't achieve much she would remind me of the things I had managed! She also helped me see OCD traits I was doing that I wasn't even aware of! She got the fine balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone but still making it manageable.

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